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Generation Y Generation Y also known as the millennials are one of the most misunderstood generations to come. There are studies conducted on the millennials to try to better understand this generation of individuals to find out why they act the way they do. Many experts are blaming the parents because they are the ones who raised them into them to have such huge egos, and to be so overly confident in themselves. Studies show that the individuals in Generation Y are much more confident in themselves than their predecessors in Generation X, are the Baby Boomers. Some of the problems associated with this big ego boost is that the millennials seem to over rate themselves, and see themselves as more than what they actually are. Studies show that the Generation Y individuals view themselves to do better in school in subjects like math and writing skills, but in reality SAT scores show and different view on things. Another difference in this generation than previous ones is that they are the most aspiration one yet. Studies show that more than 80% of millennials state than being wealthy is important to them. But, studies also show that millennials put more emphasis on being wealthy than they actually put on having a job. This generation does have a problem with spending money they don’t have, as surveys show that their biggest concern is to pay off debt. Some experts believe that the millennials are victims of society’s way of spending, and because of new technology the generation may have never learned proper budgeting techniques. The workforce and the millennials have yet to meet, many individuals in the generation have found work but as they did the 2008 recession hit and cost many their jobs. When the recession hit many millennials were just graduating and were now unable to find work now, and those who found work also found themselves unemployed from being laid off. But, as the recession has ended and the economy has gotten better the newest downfall realized for this generation is now their business etiquette. The millennials seem to not dress for the job they want, they show up to interviews dressed in the wrong attire and fail to look professional. There is a drug problem amongst the millennials that cannot be ignored, with the increase of new prescribed medications everyday this generation has become the least depressed generation yet. This is because of the prescription of antidepressants, they also seem to have a high use of attention deficit drugs as well. The Generation Y individuals seem