Generosity In Malcolm Gladwell's Generous Orthodoxy

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As explained in Malcolm Gladwell's Revisionist History podcast series, Generous orthodoxy is a practice more people in today's world need to balance. Gladwell defines generous as being open to change, and orthodox as being committed to tradition. In the podcast, Gladwell says, “Generosity without orthodoxy is shallow, and orthodoxy without generosity leads to blindness.” In other words, being too wrapped up in rules and traditions can cause loss of perspective, so there are times when it is better to break those rules and allow change. Although, allowing too much change and never committing to traditions/rules can lead to recklessness and being inconsiderate.
In basketball, public and private schools such as Harlem, Guilford, Rockford Christian and Christian life all abide by the Illinois High School Association known as the IHSA. In order to play on a team for these schools, there are many requirements and rules that need to be met. IHSA’s eligibility
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Eli is a year older than me and we have been teammates and friends for nearly six years now. Eli was born physically handicapped on the entire right side of his body, severely affecting his right arm. Eli’s right arm has limited muscle mass and is nearly immovable, his feet are also affected needing medically made shoes and inserts in order for him to run and stay active. Sometimes he also drifts in and out of conversations and activities as if he's not fully there. Aside from Eli's disability, he has a true heart and love for the game of basketball. Eli plays a Shooting Forward position with a deadly three on the outside. Also, don't put him at the free throw line or he’ll knock down every free throw you give him. Despite his inability to do certain moves or actions that seem normal to the average player, Eli always keeps his head up, never giving up and always finds new ways to do