Genesis 22 Esssay Essay

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Genesis 22 Essay

Genesis 22 is one of the Old Testament’s most remarkable stories. It tells the story of Abraham and his importance to one’s faith in God. Abraham’s important role in the story is centered on the way his faith and dedication to God are put to the ultimate test. We have learned that Abraham only wants one thing in life; a son who will “lead to descendants as numerous as the stars in the sky and as the sand on the seashore.” After struggling to conceive a son, God intervenes and works a miracle that gives Abraham’s elderly wife Sarah the ability to bear a son. Isaac becomes not only the first-born son of Abraham, but more importantly Isaac stands as Abraham’s last hope for a legacy of his life. There is nothing more important and precious to Abraham than his son Isaac. The thought of giving up his son would be as honorable as giving up his own life.
This brings us to Genesis 22, where God asks Abraham to sacrifice his one and only son Isaac as a covenant of faith. Without hesitation, Abraham makes the journey to Moriah to offer Isaac as a burnt offering. Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice his beloved son was his response to the test of his faith and trust in God. He prepares an altar, places the wood on the altar, bounds Isaac and places him on the wood on the altar, and then he takes out a knife to slay his son. Just then, an Angel of the Lord calls to Abraham and tells him to stop. He has proven his faith and trust in God. In return, God rewards Abraham by sparing Isaac’s life and God blesses Abraham with many descendants.

Within the chapter of Genesis 22, there is a statement, “binding of Isaac.” There can be many different meanings to this, but to me, the specific meaning of the “binding of Isaac” is all about the power of faith. Abraham is given the ultimate test of faith when he willingly offers his one and only son as a burnt offering to God. But at the same time, Isaac shows his faith in his father and God by not resisting being bound and laid on the altar as the burnt offering. What I found most interesting was that Abraham’s faith in God and Isaac’s faith in his father and God eliminated the fear that should have been present in both men. I also wonder if in fact, Abraham and Isaac’s