Genesis 3 Macbeth Comparison Essay

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Do you ever wonder if writers relate their stories to other famous stories? Maybe writers relate some of their main characters to famous characters from the past. Well, shakespeare’s tragedy “Macbeth” have several similarities to one of the most famous, well known stories from the Bible, Genesis 3. Let’s look deeper into the similarities of the two stories and understand what makes Macbeth, and Genesis 3 almost identical in a way. Throughout the story of Macbeth, some of the main character starts showing sides of themselves that we also see in the characters if Genesis 3. Starting with the one the story revolves around, Macbeth has many traits that we saw in both Adam and Eve. Macbeth was not the evil troublemaker he was made out to be in the end. His lady Macbeth corrupted his mind with the foolishness she had …show more content…
Out of all, Macbeth wrongdoing was a little more evil,but they all had to suffer the consequences for their actions. The consequences was very different in many ways. For Lady Macbeth, she starts going crazy: imagining blood on her hands, feeling guilty for the lives she had part in taking. With her conscience building, she ends up killing herself towards the end of the story. The way she did it is unknown, but one thing we do know is that she got want she was dishing out to others, death. Macbeth already knew his time was coming. Macduff was hurt from the lost of his family, so of course, he want revenge. Withe the story coming to an end, Macduff prepare a fight with Macbeth. The story ends with Macduff walking away with Beth’s head. Although Macbeth’s ending was a little more tragic; when God knew that a fruit from the tree of knowledge was eaten, he punish Eve with pain from birth, and Adam with work, and other thing that the rest of the world, for eternity has to deal with. As we see, the consequences was not much the same for them all, but everyone has to suffer for their wrong