Genesis: Bible and Verse Essay

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Bartley, Jeff
BIB 300

Genesis 1:1 “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth”. This seems like a very blunt verse to live by at first look, but when you further decipher it, it is quite intriguing. This verse says a couple of things that stand out to me at first. As a Christian we automatically have the insight of living by the word of the Lord and the bible. So by the first half of this verse we can learn that, first off God has created the heavens. In the Christian faith this is very important because in our faith there is an after life and like most christians I definitely believe in an after life. And by him creating this, it's a way for us to see that there is this after life and by the right doings through God we can reach that place of solidarity. The verse then goes on to say, “And the Earth”. With the creation of the earth comes man-kind, its almost like God has made this perfect set up in which we can live life, die and goto an even greater place in which he created for the most loyal and faithful. These are just some basic points in which we can learn from this verse. Its pretty tough to think of a world in which our bible only had this verse. If this one verse was the only one to surface back in the biblical times, Im not sure how much of a background we would have today. In fact we would most likely not have as many religious conflicts in the world as we have today. As we know the bible today, it is composed of many “rules," commandments and ways in which christians should live their life through the lord. Honestly I’m not sure how much we could really learn from just this one piece of scripture.