Essay about Genetic development

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Trough all time, the evolution has developed mankind. Today, we have completely different conditions on earth due to the quick technical development. Genetic engineering is a very controversial subject. People all over the world have different opinions and it is mainly ethical issues that appear. We have to answer questions such as: Should we just because we can? What happens with the multitude on earth? Who has the right to decide what to do? I, myself, think that we have to be very careful when it comes to genetic engineering and the ethical dilemmas are though to tackle.

Firstly, it is a huge risk that the human multitude will disappear. With our technical knowledge and development maybe we, in the future, will know how to change people’s genes and qualities even more than today. If we know how to remove genes that develops bad, hereditary diseases or other bad qualities, parents will of course want to use this knowledge. However, the question is what “bad” diseases are? Of course it is a very relative question. Some people see, for example homosexuality as a diseases. If then they see that their expectant child has the genes for this “disease” they presumably want to have an abortion. The doctors know how to do, but is it ethical? Who decides which genes that is acceptable to remove?

If we would create “good” citizens the question concerning human value also would appear. When picking away embryos with handicaps we make clear that these persons are less worth. The well-known sentence “Every human has the same value” loses completely its trustworthiness.

To change people is also wrong according to many religions. They mean that we