Genetic Engeneering Essay

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Genetic engineering involves manipulating genes to get a desired result. With this type of scientific progress we can reach new levels of productivity, improve health and even reduce hunger in the world. Genetic engineering plays a role in The Chrysalids, Gatica, and in the real world, and based on the ideas presented in all three of these topics, I believe that there should not be limits to scientific advancements in genetic engineering.
We may be able to reach new levels of scientific progress and productivity through genetic engineering. In The Chrysalids, the people of Zealand (or Sealand, since the letter “z” does not exist in their alphabet) were able to create a better and more scientifically advanced society than Waknuk. The people of Zealand used a type of genetic engineering to strengthen the strain of “think picture people”, and this eventually resulted in a whole society that could “think together”, which allowed them to advance more quickly than Waknuk. We could also use the genetic engineering to make humans more productive, and in turn, create a more scientifically avant-garde society with the possibility of technologies such as automatons or androids, and hover traffic.
Improving health in our societies is another possible use for genetic engineering. In the movie Gatica, specific genetic engineering was used to improve people's health, reduce any risks of diseases (such as cancer and diabetes) or disabilities (specifically heart defects), and increase their overall life expectancy. One other way we could use genetic engineering to improve health is to find new cures