Genetic Engineering Essay

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By plants lasting longer and adjusting to different climates geneticists can alter the nutritional value and growth of the organism.By genetically engineering food sources you are able to provide more food for the growing population due to less genetic deficientcies. The ability to make more nutritional food enables humans to grow stronger and healthier because they would no longer be consuming unhealthy food. Also gene therapy can be used to prevent future genetic disorders developing in reproductive cells. With the advantage of gene therapy, geneticists can alter genes for faster, stronger, and smarter species. The advantages of genetic engineering gives different species the ability to live longer healthier lives.

Although genetic engineering has advantages it also has it's issues. Even if you increase the nutritional value in foods you are still tampering with nature and in society that is frowned apon. For example, if nature gives you lemons you make lemonade, not genetically engineer the lemon to societies nutritional satisfaction. Many people believe if nature gives you something you should let it develop into it's natural self, instead of continueing to change it into mankinds standards. Genetic engineering can also introduce harmful pathogens that can cause new defects in nature. As people say, "Everyone is different in their own way," genetic engineering would eventually make everyone look similar and act in the same way due to the alterations and adjustments made to