Genetic Engineering Persuasive Essay

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Genetic engineering, a revolutionary technology that has the potential to transform the human race forever. Humans now have the faculty to alter themselves and other organisms in every way conceivable. This revolutionary technology has the ability to revolutionize medicine, agriculture, and the very structure of our society for better or worse. It has the potential to alleviate and possibly cure diseases that afflict millions of people around the globe. Famine can be alleviated through higher crop yields and malnutrition cured by plants with higher nutritional value. These uses for the technology could cause the standard of living to skyrocket in a very short period of time. Other people allege that there are very serious and detrimental effects of the technology. Some of these claims include the prospect that genetically modified crops (GMO’s) have no health benefits and could possibly be detrimental to health. Others say that genetic modification could lead to society devolving into a genetic based caste system based on the caliber of the individual’s genetic information. This is a terrifying prospect that sounds strikingly similar to the Eugenics movement. Is it right to use this technology? Or is it so dangerous that we should abandon it forever?
Genetic Engineering used to cure diseases, known as gene therapy,
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Its argument is based on already shown and proven circumstances of the technology while the side against genetic engineering is mostly based off of hypotheticals, although. Genetic engineering as the possibility to save lives and promote the human condition. The immediate benefits of genetic engineering are so great that we cannot ignore this technology. The GMO argument, however, requires more research and it is too early to take sides. We should take heed however of the possibility of a second eugenics movement and a genetics-based caste system as we move into this unfamiliar