Genetic Engineering Research Paper

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28th September 2013
Playing God just a little isn’t too bad for a change Living in today’s world with seven billion humans, and countless amount of animals and plants living together leading a good life, except some of them not as fortunate as others, having issues such as hunger, illness, susceptible to disease, disabilities, and many other problems. There are still options to improve life, mainly for human needs by the use of Genetic engineering, which has been around for decades but we have only touched base on it lightly due to the Ethical implication suppressing the possibilities we could unravel by researching and experimenting more into the fundamentals of genetic engineering. The ethical implications are what suppress the unknown science. It is the societal way of declining what is unknown or problematic. So, the question remains, “Is genetic engineering ethical? If so how do we define ethical?” In my beliefs genetic engineering is misunderstood by many individuals to be crossing legal, cultural tradition by practicing unethical science that is against the idea of the majority of the population. I feel genetic engineering is Ethical if practiced right because if the society is educated on the benefits and genetic engineering is practiced right we will have a better world.
The stereotype of genetic engineering that include cloning humans and making crazy plants are possible, but doesn’t have to be done, if regulated there are many possibilities that could be achieved which the opposing sides are not keen on recognizing. Genetic engineering could improve people’s lives considerably and it has been done before. The Unethical means of bioscience can be ignored if genetic engineering is regulated with a set of rules. We have achieved feats never thought to be possible before, such as; cure for diabetes, make organs out of scratch, etc.( Freedman 2013) There have been many misconceptions of genetic engineering to be unethical, such as how it is voiding the barrier of humanity, this is where people must know that, those common misconceptions do not need to happen, I we are to have problems, we can ban practice of all that we consider to be unsafe while letting other safe benefitting research and experiments to continue. If you come into such consensus of preventing all inhumane or dangerous experiment then genetic engineering can be considered totally legal and ethical for the society to take into account. Also taking into consideration of the whole mountain of benefits that we can take in, from making genetic engineering an active practice, we can also gain more information and conduct further studies to dive deeper into the realms of unknown science. The misunderstandings of genetic engineering have been identified to be born form mistakes of being irresponsible in the early years of genetic engineering where it had only begun to set foundation in the science field. Media is a common source of making genetic engineering seem bad and unethical, also the irresponsibility of medical business tycoons who sold non-tested genetic engineered drug to people created a bad reputation in the name of genetic engineering. There are always risks to everything, but the risks to genetic engineering pales in comparison to the benefits that far outweigh the misconceptions. The fear such as new allergens emerging from altered plants could cause allergens for people or, super plant that can reproduce with a weed to create a super weed which can resists pest and herbicides. These types of experiments should be tested in a controlled environment thoroughly before releasing them into the environment. These must be a genetic engineering regulation for medicines that are genetically altered to fight illness. If avoiding these simple mistakes, we can consider Genetic engineering to be highly safe and legal.(Cummins 1999) Many of the benefits of Genetic Engineering include the production of insulin for diabetic patients by