Analysis Of Genetically Modified Foods

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This biographical video covers the scope and, according to the creators, detriment of genetically modified foods. What is it? Genetically modified food is created when plants are implanted on the DNA level with cells from different plants and sometimes species to create a desired effect in the food. For example, certain types of Sturgeon have anti-freezing properties built into their cellular structure; it would be of benefit then if you could transmute this property into corn, in this way corn would not get damaged by freeze or frost. Another, and by far the most bashed practice in this biography, is imparting plants with insecticides built into their physical make-up. Why is this problematic? According to the film it is of huge concern because there is no testing done to prove that it is not harmful to humans. Although, they did get a spokesperson from the FDA to say that they did in fact do testing on these foods, it didn’t matter. This movie is obviously a one sided propaganda piece by the Organic Farmers; this is borne out by the scary music that plays in the background as we watch scientists in white lab coats work with beakers and syringes. The creators actually managed to find a presidential candidate from 2000 to, although I watch the elections closely and he did not even register in my memory banks as a contender, speak about the harms of these genetically modified foods. From the poor Canola farmer to the Senator from Iowa, they all keep harping on how harmful this all COULD be. Mark Twain said it best, “There are three kinds of lies; lies, damn lies, and statistics.”
While I can appreciate the concern for the safety and well-being of the consumer, and I do think that caution should be the approach to genetically modifying anything. This piece was not so much factual as it was creepy. Farmers have been genetically modifying food for ages; they do this by cross pollination and plant splicing. The result is a hardier and better looking crop that people want to buy and can be produced at a faster rate. The new way of farming is to place genes from a specific organism that has traits we want into plants so the crops grow better and require less chemical and human interference. The film does point out that some of the genetically modified seeds are so imbued with natural pesticides that it creates super pests. While this is a concern it is no different than the super flus we create by constant inoculation against the virus. Here in lies the problem, the film freely admits that 75% of the products used in processed food are