The Importance Of Genetically Engineering

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As far as back to my childhood as I can remember, and even still today, I wonder what I for sure want to be when I grow up and what kind of career path I want to take. There are so many different opportunities out there. However everyone is unique and has there own interest, goal, and passion. Your career choice will determine your everyday life. One of the greatest blessings in my life, in my eyes, is our freedom of choice. In my opinion, making the decision to genetically engineer someone’s DNA is not right.
An argument could be made that if you could influence health and disease issues by altering someone's DNA that would be a good thing. In those instances, eliminating diabetes or cancer would be a blessing in millions of people's lives, if it could be done safely. However, I believe that engineering DNA in a way that affects human traits and behavior is crossing the line. It violates individual liberty by allowing parents or scientist the ability to make choices without the child's input or consent. Just because people may have a difficult time deciding on which career to pursue doesn't make it right to make that choice for them. There are many life lessons to be learned by going through the process of defining one's career path, regardless of how difficult the process might be. And I think it is wrong to use individuals by altering their DNA just to satisfy societal needs. Freedom of choice is fundamental to our society. Our country would not exist as we know it if it wasn't for the freedoms we enjoy. While genetically altering people's DNA has some interesting potential benefits, I think the greater harm of violating individual liberty outweighs the potential benefits.

I do suppose some people might think that in some instances there may be some advantages in engineering someone’s DNA in a case where those who have a hard time deciding on a career or those jobs that no one seems to be interested in but need to be done. Engineered DNA would eliminate the stress on indecisive career