Essay Genetically Modified Organism and Genetically Engineering Crops

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Objective: (draft)
As multiple companies aim to be the best amongst industries, the challenges increase as customer’s needs are being met by competitors. So what are companies doing in order to compete with their competitors? At the end of the day who is determined to be number one versus the rest of their competitors?
Companies are benchmarking in their services to determine what customer(s) need and if they are being meet by either them or the competitors.

Objective: (draft) The purpose of this research is to fully reconnoiter how benchmarking in services is captivating affect in our business society today. Customers are taking a big part in today’s benchmarking services; nevertheless customers are the reason for benchmarking in services. The importance’s of benchmarking in services is important because it help maintain competiveness amongst the companies/industries. Within this research we will demonstrate How important companies should be involved in benchmarking as well what techniques are being used that are working we better. Benchmarking is demonstrated amongst the biggest competitive companies, such as. Mc Donald vs Bugerking, Coca cola- Pesipi, etc. Companies like these want to be on top , not only because it will them but customers because best companies are expected to be successful.

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