Genetics Module 7 Lab 2 Essay

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Answer Sheet—Module 7 Lab
DNA Extraction
Click on the following link and view the DNA extraction: 1. What is the source of the cells used in this demonstration? A human.

2. Give three practical uses of DNA that is extracted: a. Genetic testing b. Body Identification c. Forensic analysis

3. Name the piece of equipment used to obtain the cells. Cheek Buccal Swab to release cells from inside of mouth.

4. Why do you need a large box of micropipettor tips? You will need a new one each time it goes into a new solution, avoiding cross contamination and
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12. Describe the appearance of the DNA fingerprint after being exposed to X-ray film.
The radioactive probes that have been bound to the VNTR will show up as dark bands under the X-ray film, allowing us to see the location of the VNTR.

Click on the following link and answer the following questions as you click through the animations: 13. Describe what current FBI fingerprints test for. FBI tests for 13 different short tandem repeats (STRs), with repeating units of 4-5 nucleotides and sex markers.

14. How many different alleles may be found at each particular STR? 9 or more.

15. Name the technique used to amplify the number of STR alleles. Polymerase Chain Reaction. (PCR) 16. What makes the STR alleles fluoresce? A fluorescent primer added.

17. What detects the speed of different fragments as they migrate through polyacrylamide gel?
A laser at the bottom of the gel will read the PCR and display an output for analysis.
18. Each color of fluorescent dye labels several different STRs. What does each peak represent in the output for one color? Each peak is an allele.
19. What is the significance of a single or double peak at each locus? A locus that will appear as a pair of peaks is a heterozygous, and as one peak is homozygous.

20. Describe the appearance of the modern DNA fingerprint using four different fluorescent dyes. There are four colored lines (blue,