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Sara Samir and Brittany Tocco 11­2­14 Closing Statement: Defense Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, Genghis Khan was truly a civilized man and it is apparent through all of the exceptional impacts his actions had. Throughout Genghis’s life he struggled for power and worked extremely hard in order to become as successful as he was.
After overcoming a kidnapping, running away and being saved, he gradually rose to power. He constantly tried to seek peace and establish partnerships with other empires, but unfortunately a lot of them doubted him. These instances fueled his conquests in those particular empires. For example, this was the reason for invading the Persian region and the city of Baghdad.
A civilized ruler should always be part of the people, and they should not view themselves as superior to the people they rule over. During Genghis’s rule, he stated,“I eat the same food and am dressed in the same rags as my humble herdsmen,” therefore this proves
Genghis Khan was a perfect example of this type of ruler. For a person to set goals, and achieve them should be inspiring to many, rather than shunned upon by all. Genghis Khan had set goals to expand his territory, and he successfully accomplished that! As mentioned in the cross­examination of Pope Innocent IV, if a man isn't persecuted for having goals to spread his religion, why should he be persecuted for wanting to expand his territory?
The prosecution tried to establish a solid case as to why Genghis Khan was uncivilized, but the denotation of the word explains that to be…