Genghis khan and Mongols Essay

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Blake Baker
Throughout the time that the Mongols lived, they had accomplished many things. But many think it was because they were so barbaric and fierce to the people they conquered that they could have taken over all of Asia and Europe. But then others think the Mongols weren’t very barbaric at all, they just did what was necessary to them. See what you think with the following information whether they were as barbaric as people say. The Mongols had a very vast military of great numbers. This was partially because all men over the age of fourteen were expected to undertake military duty. Also killing a Mongol would be considered rough to do sense they had a silk undershirt. Over the silk they wore a tunic and if he was apart of a heavy cavalry he was given a coat of mail and a breast plate (Doc B). Another thing which made their military powerful was their leadership. Genghis Khan was a very smart and strong leader who had great strategic chiefs willing to help lead of would rather be put to death (Doc C). Along with that, sometimes they would be completely surrounded in battle, and still come out victorious (Doc D). And even in a lot of cases they could be outnumbered and still have and outcome of victory. Most of the time, they left few survivors, such as in 1258, the Mongol army killed up to 2,000,000 soldiers (Doc E). The Mongols rarely took or kept prisoners though, so they would sometimes execute them, while others could be buried alive upside-down (Doc F). The people conquered by the Mongols were great in numbers and got greater every year. They successfully conquered 4,860,000 square miles. The greatest amount of land conquered out of any rule from 356-1821 B.C.E. (Doc A). The land that was conquered was mostly made up of China and Persia. The Mongols had taken up new residence among their new subjects (Doc J). The evidence of the chroniclers and travelers enables us to identify the striking changes wrought on Mongol morality by Genghis’ Khan Legislation. Juvaini comments that Genghis Khan rooted out… adultery and theft (Pov & Doc K). A big factory though of how Genghis Khan conquered so many places was because of horses. If he didn’t have them, who knows how little he would have accomplished. The Mongols could ride up to 200 miles a day none stop by strapping themselves to the horses, and arriving to their destination much quicker than on foot (Doc L). But aside from the people they conquered, their religious beliefs were still strong with what they believed. “We Mongols believe that there is