Genji The Heian Periods Player

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Genji the Heian Periods Player

Genji’s character is of a person we would call a player now in days because of his constant trade off of woman and his passion for beautiful woman. Even though Genji was considered a player he still had his preferences in terms of beauty and type of woman. Genji was a man who loved both woman whom appeared to look as his mother and apparently a woman whom he would raise to be his perfect partner. Genji is well characterized by this in chapter ten on page 237, by the type of woman he was with, and by who he ultimately chose to stay with. The passage the represents Genji the most as a loving player would be “To Genji, she and Murasaki were all that any man could ask, two woman of flawless beauty and he yearned for a way to prolong their life together for a thousand years”(Chapter 10, p.237). This shows how much Murasaki meant to him, however also how you he could not keep to only just one woman he had to have multiple woman to keep him happy. He loved both Murasaki and Fujitsubo thinking they were all a man or in this case all he need to be happy. Genji spent time and slept with various woman even when he was married with Aoi. He cheated on her with various woman out of being bored of not being with a woman and the general fact that they did not like each other throughout most of the story. Genji like many men looked for qualities of his mother in woman which he found in Fujitsubo who was a consort favored by the emperor. The Rokujo lady was another distant liking of Genji’s as she seemed to be crazy in love or like Genji to the point of where she would kill. Genji’s all-time favorite however was Murasaki a beautiful 10 year old child he would raise to become his perfect woman. Genji had many other woman as well during the period he was with Aoi, but after her death he ended up choosing and favoring Murasaki because he raised her to be his perfect woman. During the Heian Period woman’s beauty was seen as being good and woman had numerous affairs rather than just getting married. There is a