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Since Africa became independent from British rule in 1956, Sudan has been encountering many conflicts. Genocide, the “systematic extermination” of a group of people, has been taking place in Sudan for about ten years (Genocide 1). Many people from around the world have offered help to restore Sudan, although the United States has not done all it can do to end the mass extermination of the Sudanese people. United States officials should do more to provide help to those men and women suffering the mass murder taking place in Sudan. Genocide in Africa was at its worst in 1994, when the people of Rwanda were being attacked—murdering all of the Tutsi was the goal. The desire to rid many Tutsi Rwandans from existence was the original plan; ten years later a new plan was in store. The janjaweed militias, a “blanket term to describe… ‘Arab’ gunmen,” were armed and ready to kill all of the people in Darfur (Hoile 1). Darfur faced one of the worst “humanitarian crises in the world” (Booker 1). Families were being torn apart, children were dying, and women were being raped. The janjaweed did not care who was being hurt, they just wanted to exterminate the people of Darfur. As Hoile states, the janjaweed only “steal to get,” and now they have acquired better weapons to make stealing easier (Hoile 1). What Hoile means is that the janjaweed steal and kill only to receive satisfaction for their needs. The advanced weapons that they have acquired are allowing them to be unstoppable and feared by the people of Darfur. Luna 2
Unfortunately, not many people know how to put an end to the janjaweed. The United States helps many countries that are in need and they are recognized for their involvement. In 2004 when the problems in Darfur first arose, George Bush was president of the United States of America. During that period of time the United States was also active in Iraq and Afghanistan. Bush faced difficulty deciphering whether to allow troops into Darfur to end the janjaweed from continuing to destroy the area because he feared that he could not be seen as “invading another Muslim country” (Abramowitz 1). Although if Bush was committed to stopping the janjaweed he would have ignored the criticism people would be giving him for “invading another Muslim country” (A. 1). He would have interfered because he knew it was the right thing to do. America is a country that will fight to save other people when they are in need. Mass chaos occurred because the rebels and the Sudanese government were not agreeing on many topics. When Bush found out that Darfur was in danger he should have sent troops over to stop all the violence, yet he did not. The Sudanese government was not as advanced as the American government. If the United States government did not want to get physically involved they could have offered to help settle an agreement between all of the people.
Consequently, genocide in Darfur claimed “400,000 lives and displaced over 2,500,000 people” (Darfur Sudan 1). To alleviate the troubles, people from around the world made groups to help the people in Darfur. They stepped in when the United States government did not want to. Many groups set up shelters to keep Africans in a safer environment and they raised money to feed and clothe people living in the harsh conditions. All the help being provided by people all across the world was not enough to save the Sudanese. The people of Darfur were still dying of disease and famine, they did not have all the medical attention or the money to help them and the
Luna 3 organizations could not afford to pay for all the damage done. While in the mean time the American government knew what was taking place, yet they did not make an effort to stop the people in Darfur. Sudanese people who live in refugee camps are separated from their families and are slowly dying of disease. The situations they live in are critical, they are desperate for help and not many are willing to assist them.