Genocide Persuasive Speech

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Some people wonder, will another genocide happen? If one is close to happening, can we take action and prevent it? My answer to that is yes, yes we can help stop anther genocide from happening, One of the biggest genocides was the Holocaust. A total of 6 million people died in the Holocaust. A reason why we are able to prevent another one from happening, is because most of us hear the stories of the people who have first hand experiences of being in the concentration camps. After hearing of these emotional stories about what the survivors of the Holocaust experienced, it makes us want to try our best to prevent it. For example, one survivor said they experienced this, “Whoever was incapable of walking was shot. From there, big trains took us to Theresienstadt just as the Soviets were bombing the rails. We could sense that the Germans were almost …show more content…
USHMM states, “As we learn more about the risk factors, warning signs, and triggering events that have led to it in the past, we are also learning ways to prevent it in the future” (USHMM). Some people may argue against me and say that there is no actual evidence to this, and they may just be saying this to keep citizens calm. However, there is really evidence to prove that we are working to prevent genocides from happening. In April of 2012 former president Barack Obama announced, “As co-chairs of the Genocide Prevention Task Force, we enthusiastically welcome President Obama’s announcement today at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum of his administration’s renewed effort to strengthen our government’s will and ability to prevent, deter, and respond to threats of genocide and mass atrocities around the world” (USHMM). This can be proven by taking a look at charts that show how much US has gotten stronger over the past years. Thus, we are making way on growing stronger to prevent more genocides from