Genocide Persuasive Speech

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There is roughly about 7.5 billion people in the world today. After genocide, however, population results have decreased. The question being asked is “Can the World Resolve the Problem of Genocide?” Genocide is the intentional, collective, destruction of an entire human group based on national, racial, religious or ethnic identity. Resolve means to find a solution to a problem. As the optimistic person that I am, I do believe we can solve the problem of genocide. I think we can learn from our mistakes, we can understand that this act is immoral and a crime, and we can make those who do it regret it.

There have been so many incidences of genocide that you would think it is literally impossible to change it. Ok, so what if it takes a while? Eventually, we would still get justice. The slogan of the time after the Holocaust was “never again”. Taking this slogan in mind and learning from the mistakes that we made at that time would avenge all the people who died. It is the 21st century; who really cares what color our eyes are, how much money we make, or what nationality/race we are? The Tutsi people had passports that told others their classification. They were getting hurt or killed because of
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There are always loopholes to loopholes. We are currently preparing a report that declares genocide as a crime not just in the United States to “prevent any further attacks on civilization”. With enough help from the rest of the world, we can stop, or lower, the amount of genocides. A famous cartoon says “Enough. (For a Change)” meaning if we stop this, the world can change into a much better,safer place. In the cartoon, the world's response is going against genocide as it is killing more and more people. You can infer that the people behind the mass killings are regretting their choice. By making it an international crime, we are creating some sort of hesitation for people who are thinking about doing