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Genre Analysis/Self Analysis

When you talk to someone, there is a lot more that goes into it than just the words you say. You have to think about how you are going to get your message across to them, in what tone, in what fashion, in what speed, in what kind of language. Take the two simple situations of talking to your mom and talking to your sister. Both are you family so you would think that you would talk to them the same way. But you don’t, you subconsciously about all of the little things that go into talking to someone.
Talking to your mom, you are more likely to be more put to together, meaning you aren’t dropping the f-bomb or cussing at her. You are respectful and choose your words more wisely and try not to give her any reason to get mad at you or disappointed. With your mom you can be more open and honest because of the relationship with her because you know that she loves you and won’t judge you. But when you are talking to a sister or brother you are more likely to be a little more out there, meaning you say whatever is on your mind and you are a little more laid back with your vocabulary. You speak in the language that the two of you have come up with and are comfortable using.
In my own life when I talk to my mom I feel like I have to defend myself and make sure I am saying the right things because I don’t want to upset her or get into trouble. I have to tame my tongue in the sense in which I really have to think before I speak. But when I am talking to…