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Genre Studies-
Sci-fi fantasy

What is Genre?
Genre is a method of categorisation that is used to group literary works by either form (for example, diary entries, letters etc.) or content. Some examples of genres for fictional texts that are based on content include:
Crime fiction
Historical fiction
Science fiction
And horror

Other examples of genre include-
Biography- The story of someone’s life told by someone else.
Autobiography- The story of someone’s life told by the person himself or herself.

Action Adventure-
A narrative structured around heroic acts. A hero who faces incredible challenges that threaten his life or the life of his loved ones.
Features exciting and daring sequences, Main features car chases explosion and fights.
Character developments are secondary to the plot development. Often there are sequels that follow similar plot lines which enable the audience ro relive the adrenalin filled excitement.
Comedy uses various forms of humour such as jokes, sight gags, slapstick, exaggeration, puns, innuendo and absurdity, contrived circumstances, funny characters, ridiculous plot twists, often relies upon prior knowledge of audience for humour, making fun of serious situations, comedy of errors and happy endings.
The hero and the heroine meet through a simple twist of fate.
The path to true love never runs smoothly as the pair is kept apart by circumstances beyond their control.
It appears that all hope is lost and they will be separated forever
Destiny prevails and the happy couple are reunited forever
Westerns include:
Setting is the old American west or the ‘wild west’.
Characters include cowboys, Indians, the sheriff and his deputies
Often features a lone hero with a townsfolk or the villain
Explores the struggle between the good and evil
Society is organised around codes of honour and justice
Historical Fiction:
Historical Fiction
The narrative is set in the distant past.
Focuses on a specific historical period.
Depicts real personalities from that historical period.
Uses props and costumes to recreate past settings
Often incorporates the theme of good versus evil
It often includes a love story
Reflects the values and beliefs of the historical social group
Futuristic settings
Spaceships and other flying machines
Aliens with unusual names
Highly technical environments- lots of computers and other devices that defy the laws of gravity
Robots who possesses the power to acquire new knowledge
Science Fiction also includes-
Explores man’s belief that we are not alone in the universe.
Despite our desire to make contact with other life forms we also fear them.
In addition, extra-terrestrial visits help us to make sense of the unusual phenomenon- things that we cannot explain with our current knowledge of the physics.
Sometimes fictional texts may include more than one genre-
One example of a hybridized genre is Science-Fiction Fantasy.
How many different genre do you think?

Spy Genre includes-
Suspenseful drama
Lots of action sequence
Hi-tech gadgets
Fast paced plot with car chases
Tension builds quickly and is often sustained at a high level throughout most of the narrative
A well-constructed plot that incorporates some twist and turns which add to the drama
Characters are often two-dimensional (basically good or evil)