Essay about Gensis and Sin

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The book of Genesis chapters one through eleven show us the absolute beginning of the natural world as we know it. In all his magnificent glory God created objects with sense awareness, self-awareness and finally man, which had God awareness. What God made was good; however, whenever there is good, the enemy seeks to destroy it. Here enters sin, “the corruption of the human race, and the long, difficult history of fallen humanity” (Hindson and Yates 2012:2)
From the moment sin entered this equation we call existence, humans struggled to find their true identity with God. What was so clear in the Garden of Eden was now a jumbled mess of sin and mistakes. Even through disobedience, God loved us enough to offer a solution, a savior. In Genesis we see only the tip of God’s love for his people, not just the Jews but the entire human race.
Although God never gave an exact time table, the search for this savior began immediately. From the birth of Cain, Eve began expecting that he was the promised one. The bible states “she conceived and bore Cain and said I have acquired a man from the LORD” (Genesis 4: 1 NKJV). This search for an identity with God continued throughout the Old Testament until finally Jesus Christ came on the scene which fulfilled the promise of God.
Even though we have victory through Jesus Christ today, many are still lost and searching for their identity and a meaning. Without Christ in one’s life, one is lost. Like a ship without a sail, those who do not know God may not realize it but are continually searching for something but with no direction. We see this in our human relationships both on an individual level and on a large scale. If God is not in a relationship, it will not be fruitful.
During this search for identity, people often turn to an emotional relationship to fulfill that missing piece in their lives. As with any relationship, prayer and seeking God’s ultimate will should be involved; however, too often this is not the case. We allow the sinful nature to rise and be our guide instead of God. Without God, how can the decision be correct? So many rush into relationships with someone God did not intend for them. This starts a so called avalanche into wrong decisions and wrong turns. This is not to say God cannot take something and use it for his glory. Ultimately, a godly relationship is the basis of a godly marriage and a godly marriage is the foundation of godly home. This lack of God in our homes has now leaked over into our society and our civilization.
Simply put, God is love and where there is no God, there is no love. You cannot separate the two. What begins with a lack of God in our homes, eventually leads to the decreasing of God in our