Gentlemen Prefer Blondes Response Essay

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Jeffrey Shelton
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Gentleman Prefer Blondes

After viewing the film I was amazed at the level of sexual prowess within the film being that it was made in the mid 1950’s. The scene involving Dorothy and Lorelei dancing at the Café in France while shaking their hips and chest in a very provocative manner was alarming. I assume that this film must have created an abundance of publicity due to the overt sexual nature that it dealt with. With Lorelei referring to Gus as her lover prior to their marriage I found it interesting that the censorship board did not omit of restrict the sexual nature of much of the film Another interesting aspect of the film was the construction of both male and female characters. I felt that the film did an adequate job in depicting both male and female characters in a manner that did not belittle of overpower the other. Lorelei did have Gus, the wealthy millionaire eating out of her hand, and it is true that his character is presented as a male who merely objectifies the female body and is not interested in such qualities as morals and personality. I was glad that the character of Malone was incorporated as he was able to represent a male who did not simply prefer blonde bombshells with little or no personality. By representing both types of male, the film adequately balances out the pros and cons of the males of the society. This equality in gender by dual representations also functions in terms of the main female protagonists as well. Lorelei is constructed as a female who merely loves jewels and the expensive good that money can buy. She makes a hobby out of chasing the rich and does not wholeheartedly love the men she pursues. It