Genzyme Csr Dilemma Essay

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EMBA Winter 2016

SMO 860: Management of Technology and Innovation

April ,07,2016

Case Analysis: Genzyme’s CSR Dilemma: How to Play Its HAND

Marcio Augusto da Matta Dr. Anthony R. Briggs

1. Introduction
Genzyme is a biotechnology company with a leading role in the world’s treatment for Orphan and neglected diseases. At the moment its Senior VP, Mr. Geragthy faces a time for decisions. The analysis momentum is over and he must propose the best direction for the company. I will go deeply inside the company and analyse the inside and outside scenario to be able to run the VRIO model and give my preference to Mr. Geragthy. 2.
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According to Mr. Sahney the opportunity of working with the Malaria in India was an excellent learning process for Genzyme to access world class R & D resources in government and private labs once the HAND program provided the ideal platform to bring together resources and ideas across various labs and tap into knowledge. Besides this is a way to position themselves as an Indian R & D player and build its reputation with the local medical and research communities. Also the Malaria template could be used in other countries like Brasil and in parts of Africa and Asia.
In the research field Genzyme would have the support from the Broad institute, a JV formed with the Massachusetts Institute, Harvard and the Whitehead Institute.
To be able to perform well he proposed the association with ICGEB, a local organization working on a vaccine for the disease for over 15 years and with deep knowledge of local issues and most of all how the disease is spread here.
Malaria disease is in fact a global health care problem and called the attention of many people including the Gates foundation that had announced a vaccine in the early 2014.With all this support some people is questioning whether it could be classified as a neglected disease.
4.2 Chagas Disease: A Champion in Brasil
That was the approach from Mr. Vivaldi where he saw the opportunity to link the investment on the Chagas disease to the initiative to growth of Genzyme’s operations in Brazil. Chagas