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Philippe Bourget
Ms. Marsha-Lynne Murdock
24 October 2011
The Ungrateful Trip

On a sunny Saturday morning, Philippe wanted to bring two of his friends, Jérôme and Simon, with him to go try out his new boat. Philippe got his new boat by winning the lottery. Since he has done a lot of sailing trips with his parents before, he was sure he could handle a three million dollar yacht. His friends accepted and they were now so far in the ocean that they couldn’t even see the shore with their binoculars. They lowered the anchor and swam a couple of hours around the boat. It was hard for them not to go to far from the boat because of the tides that were pushing them away. After eating lunch, they watched the sea animals go here and there around the boat. Everything was going so well that they did not seem to worry about drifting away. The worst was that they were actually drifting away even though they had the anchor. It all happened in a fraction of a second that everything went wrong.
‘‘Unh, Phil, I don’t think that the big vibration we felt meant a good sign. `` worried Jérôme as he felt vibrations.
‘‘I think we drifted off without knowing and we ended up on a sea bank. `` Philippe said trying to reassure him but he knew he was wrong because when he looked at the instruments, they said that the sea floor was at 200ft from the bottom of the boat. Philippe knew that something bad was coming up and that’s when he saw it-
‘‘Get down! ``he shouted but they looked at him like if he was going insane or he was just joking them. Then, they