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Harold Adam Innis- well known for economics, and was a historian. For famous thesis (topic describing main idea), of his history geography and economics. Professor at UFT and taught at Yale. He wrote a book called The Fur Trade In Canada (604 pages long). Canada was an artificial recreation of the fur trade. 1st settlers were The Aboriginals. They came 10,000 –
23,000 years ago. Carbonadutinacy. European Settlement1000 CE-Vikings. L’Anse Meadows (NFUL) Carbon Dating.
Unesco heritage site. 1497- Giovanni Gabota (John Cabot) he sailed for England and claimed Newfoundland for England. He sailed for the merchants of Bristol. A few years later (1534)…
Jack Cartier discovered the St. Lawrence River. 1604- Samuel
De Champlain established the fur trades-settlement at Quebec
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The Geography of Canada-Canada 2nd largest country in world
-Has 6 time zones
-Landmass is gigantic
-Bigger than Europe
-Stretches 5,500 km west-east
-4,500km north-south
-Canada is so big that’s its landmass equals to 9,000,000 square km of land, and more millions of square km of water surrounding its outskirts.
-Coastline is the biggest out of all the world-touching 3 oceans. -Canada has some of the most biggest mountains (rocky mountains) prairies, Arctic tundra and more
-Geography is Canada’s greatest resource
-Very rich water, 2 millions lakes and giant glaciers= 7% worlds greatest resources, 2/3rds drains into arctic ocean, water shortage in southern Canada
-Much water is polluted and shortage is growing over the course of the years
-Canada has Pre-Cambrian Shield with the oldest rocks on earth. Containing many minerals Canada is also rich on iron, nickel, gold, silver etc.
-We also have the largest petroleum reserves in the world, though extraction is very costly we still manage financially wise to do as much as we can.
-Only 8% of Canada farming and grazing. Saskatchewan and
Southern Alberta are very big on farming.
-The size of Canada’s size has many obstacles and exploration has to still be discovered.
-River routes linking east to west while the fur trade was going on in the 1700’ s-1800’s
-Canada seems to be 10 months of winter and dog sledding.
Canada also has severe coldness during several months of the years, due to climate change.
-72% of Canadians live in the 150km range of the USA, 80% in cities. World Map-Newfoundland 1949
-Prince Edward Island 1873 – promised a link to the main land
– Ferry, 1997 Confederation Bridge
-Anne of Green Gables
Sir John A. Macdonald
- Was an immigrant
- Born in Glasgow, Scotland


Came with family in 1820
His father was a shopkeeper and a miller
Played a key role in shaping institutions
Became a lawyer and a politician
Chief of Canada’s confederation
Was countries founding prime minister until death in
- 1874-1878 he and his party were in disgrace due to scandals that feel on top of him
- Railway was postponed because of scandal in 1874
Sir Wilfred Laurier
-Immigrants went to Canada in 1910
-Trade was insanely good
-Railway was being built during process
-Great amounts of gold and silver and other things were being discovered during the whole procedure
-In 10 years Canada’s population was increasing by 10%
-In 1905 2 new provinces Alberta and Saskatchewan have been created on the prairies
-Sir Wilfred Laurier kept being re-elected in 1896 because he kept saying that the 20th century would belong to Canada
-First French Canadian to hold countries highest office
-Born in rural Quebec in 1841
-Was catholic roman that spoke the language along side his birth mother
-Was a liberal leader of his party from The Confederation in 1867
-Studied at McGill University
-Became completely bilingual
-As a leader in 1887 Laurier realized that he had to adopt new policies similar to John A McDonalds
-His liberals came out in new favor of the Nation Policy for protective