Geog: Poverty and Urban Migration Essay

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Rural to urban migration is the movement of people from countryside to city areas. This type of migration happened in MEDCs from the 18th Century onwards on a large scale, and has gradually slowed down.
The causes of rural to urban migration are due to various push and pull factors as per Lee’s migration model which shows that people migrate due to a combination of pull and push factors and also suggests that there are factors that encourage people to stay in their locations.
One of the possible reasons why people chose to migrate to urban areas would be because they are victims of natural disasters in their home country. For example flooding in Bangladesh has led to people becoming climate change refugees and having to move to Dhaka. Also because of Bangladesh’s high poverty rates and low economic development local residents have to face more challenges and hence why chose to migrate to urban areas looking for a better quality of life.
Moreover rural to urban migration is taking place in most developed countries for example Brazil. Some of the push factors in relation to rural-urban migration in Brazil include low paid agricultural jobs, loss of jobs because of mechanisation, lack of services (schools, hospitals, water supply, electricity) loss of land, poor quality housing. However on the other side some of the pull factors involve prospect of better jobs (factories), better entertainment, better services, more housing.
Furthermore another example of rural to urban…