Geog: Rapid Population Growth Essay

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1a. Africa ii. 0.1%-1 iii. There was a bigger annual population change in Africa, Ireland and Pakistan changed their annual population by 2.1%-3%. Germany’s population changed by 0.1-1% and Russoa and most of Europe changed by 0/1-1%
1b) In picture C, it is clear that there has been caused by a rapid population growth due to the huge number or shacks. The rapid growth of population has made it harder for the country to build suitable living conditions for the people to live in and the picture shows that the people living in the shacks have a lower standard of living as the shacks look quite unstable, and perhaphs without electricity and heat.
Picture A can also be caused by a rapid population growth because there may not be enough teachers to educate the children, which would make classrooms very crowded with limited teaching resources. There could also not be enough time for the country to build more schools to edcate the children.
A non-birth control policy can achieve sustainable development because a rapid population growth would:
In Kerala, they have a family planning programme to inform families about different ways of contraceptives and they also give out free contraception which would lower the birth rate. This will lower the number people, and there will be more resources to go around, which would cause less of a strain to the government. Many women now go to university, and this helps them to contribute to the economy when they have a job, which would help pay for the resources to look after the dependent population in India. Furthermore, as they have had education, they would know how to plan out their families. Also, they are advised to go to university and to have a career, which would prolong the time that they would have their first child, and this would ultimately lower the number of