Geography: Coastal Geography and Platinum White Dunes Essay

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The noise surrounded me, at first gently but then slowly getting louder and louder until it was unbearable, nothing was of concern but the piercing noise that enveloped my mind. My eyes opened and through the blowhole of the coastal cave I saw the clear blue sky welcoming me to the day. The heavy weight of my body disallowed any movement for a long time, in which I had time to look out at my surroundings, I saw a whole ecosystem forming on the platinum white dunes that separated me from the water, it would of had to of been a beach nourishment for the sand to of been that pristine. I saw back dunes and blowouts from where the vegetation had been removed.
I regained my strength and trudged through the picture perfect beach, finally reaching the fore dunes by which time my body was ready to collapse, it was an average autumns day but due to the causes of global warming and climate change it had affected the temperature to sky rocket. Which caused my body to dehydrate and erode like the rocks closest to the water.
I took a sip of my limited water bottle and continued to the stack of rocks, isolated from the shore by the corrosive action of waves. From this perspective I was able to see the whole beach, the deposition worked with the longshore drift to outline an almost map like image displaying Isles, a town in desperate need of sustainable development and EIS, it was also my hometown. I looked down at the wave-cut notch below me and noticed the tide was incredibly low, I