Geography Counter Urbanisation Essay

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Geography Homework-Counter Urbanisation in the UK

Counter Urbanisation: people choosing to live on the edge of urban areas - with many relocating to the countryside.

Positives of Counter Urbanisation:
Counter Urbanisation can bring benefits to rural areas by bringing new and better transport links and also new services such as petrol stations and shops to that area. it also increases the value of the land as more people are moving out of the city; supporting the local economy. It also benefits the area by bringing a wider variety of people to increase the cultural diversity of the area.

Negatives of Counter Urbanisation:
One of the major effects of counter- urbanisation is that the majority of the services in the area are forced to close. This is because the majority of people moving into the areas commute to work everyday so rather than using the small village shops for their groceries ,they're use the large supermarkets in the urban areas where they work. Business in rural areas then have to close because they aren't getting enough trade. Other services that have disappeared in many rural areas are schools, post offices, churches and bus services because the majority of residents in rural areas still use ones from urban areas.
Counter-urbanisation affects the layout if rural settlements.
Local young adults are forced to leave the area to find jobs, houses and education because the services in the rural areas were closed due to people commuting and the house prices have rose dramatically over time due to the rise in demand of people wanting to live and commute in rural areas.
More car parking areas have to be built as commuters have more cars and sometimes commute using public transport
Demolition of old properties to make way for newer, larger homes in the area leading to house prices rising and the view of the area spoilt by new builds.

Case study: ST Ives and London
The town St. Ives is around 100km north of London and just 25km Northwest of Cambridgeshire.
The town is popular because it has links with Oliver Cromwell, with a statue of him in the town centre.

The town is close to both the A1 trunk road and the main east coast railway line, making regular access to London easy.
Housing prices in London are expensive, so it's cheaper to move out of the city and commute to work. People wanted to move out of London because it's polluted and unsafe for young children

The majority of the land outside the town centre is rural farmland but over the recent years has been slowly changing into new housing developments.
Blocks of new apartments have been built in the town centre for more exclusive housing for people with highly paid jobs.
These builds are affecting the population structure of the town, one side is ageing and the other is becoming more youthful.