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Nicole, Sarah, Niko Geography Essay- France, and Chad

In our world we have rich countries and poor countries but sadly the undeveloped countries have to struggle so hard to improve quality of life for their people. We want to know why everyone else does not share equally in our world’s opportunities and resources and especially why the gap between rich and poor nations is so big. In this essay we will examine, the population growth in each country, distribution of income in each country, dependence on primary, secondary, and tertiary industries, the trading partners and political corruption in each country. Each of these factors plays a big role in why the gap between rich and poor countries is so big.

A lot of times gaps between countries have to do with their different population and population growth. We decided to take a closer look at Chad and France. Chad is a much undeveloped landlocked country in central Africa and the population in 2003 was estimated at 8,598,000 and the population for Chad based on their growth is at 12,138,000 by the year 2015. This sets the population growth at about 2.6% per year. Its doubling time is at 27 years. For a poor country having a lot of people can be a disadvantage, because more people are going poor or hungry, also population growth in both undeveloped and developed nations can cause an array of problems for example: deficiencies in health care programs lack of resources and pollution. Especially in poor countries some reasons why their population may be so high is because malnutrition due to food shortages and lack of clean water. In and undeveloped country the women don’t have the practical safe sex materials like a country like France. In France the population in the year 2003 was estimated at 60,144,000 and the population in 2010 is at 64,630,277, this sets the growth rate at about 0.5% and its population doubling time at about 27 years. This is a steady population and population growth rate. Comparing Chad and France, France defiantly has the upper hand already as any developed country would because they can provide for their country and people, as Chad’s overpopulated country can hurt this country in the long run.
Distribution of income in each country plays a big role in a countries wealth, quality of life, and literacy rate. Chad had a GDP of 6.8 billion, this means that one year for an entire country Chad only makes 6.8 billion considering how many people in this country. That means that the GDP per capita is set at $610 per person, that isn’t even enough to have a house and food for a family. This all goes back to having a low literacy rate which for Chad is 25.7%. A more educated society leads to more technology advances, which helps productivity leading to a high GDP. Frances GDP is a lot more stable than Chad’s GDP. It’s at 2.65 trillion. This means that at an average one person in France makes $91,058, and the average literacy rate is 99%. Having a high GDP and GDP per capita can make a huge difference in a countries quality of life.

How can we forget the dependence on natural resources and primary industries and how much impact secondary and tertiary industries have on these two countries? First off Chad depends on the natural resources like minerals in nature. Since Chad is home to Lake Chad, the largest water area in the Sahel, fish is also an important resource. For a country like Chad, the tourism industry is pretty high, even shocking for a undeveloped country. Chad’s ‘nicer’ areas are visited often, but a lot of teams for charities go to visit Chad, and help build places like Schools, and Homes. Other major industries include agriculture, brewing fishing, food processing, mining and textiles. This means that Chad’s highest industry is the Primary industry which is mostly extracting/resource industry. Some reasons why they don’t have a lot of tertiary or secondary industries s because in a developing country they don’t have lot of schools, hospitals,