Geography: Developed Country and Globalization Essay

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Describe how globalization has impacted Australian society

Globalization has had a major impact to Australia and it’s society, in both a positive and negative way. Australia has been introduced to new lifestyles, products, cultures, fashion, entertainment and so on. Globalization can also be seen to be Americanization. It is called this as America has had so many influences in so many countries, thus changing their society as a whole. But how has this affected our nation, and the answer is extremely good and extremely bad. Some of the positive influences include the introduction of new cultures (multiculturalism), and TNC’s. Some of the negatives include the further gap between developed and undeveloped countries and racism.

Globalization has introduced new cultures and lifestyles to other countries, bringing new foods, art, trades and languages. This offers the people something new to do and be a part of, making this a positive thing. Cultures bring new foods that other people enjoy, thus we have restaurants originating from many different cultures that we eat from. We have different languages showing how we all are truly different yet so similar. Multiculturalism opens new windows for people to see through, and to make the most out of. Multiculturalism is a truly wonderful thing that has come from globalization.

TNC’s stand for Trans-national corporations, and many people believe that they control the world and in truth that is partly true, but it is also a good thing as we get to have new products and different things that make us people happy. We get to have different experiences and that’s because we are human and we want these different experiences in our lives. Some examples of TNC’s include McDonalds, Apple, Google, Coca-Cola etc. Since we have these TNC’s we have so many different things and things that we like. Originally we would have never had the opportunity to taste McDonalds or Coca-Cola, or be able to use Apple computers. Globalization brings us closer and those things that we take with us closer (them being companies that then become TNC’s), making it a really positive aspect of globalization.

A negative aspect of globalization is the further gap that grows every day between developed and non-developed countries. All developed countries keep moving forward technology-wise and also have companies and businesses from all over the world. Undeveloped countries