Geography: Erosion and Wanda Beach Essay examples

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Explain how the geographical processes that are affecting the physical and built coastal environment have been managed on the Cronulla coastline. There are three geographical processes that are affecting the physical and built coastal environment, they are; erosion, deposition, and transportation. Erosion is the group of natural processes, including weathering, dissolution, abrasion, corrosion, and transportation, by which material is worn away from the earth's surface, this is mainly caused by wind, running water, and waves breaking on the coast. Deposition is the depositing something or the laying down of matter by a natural process. Transportation is when sand is moved along the coast by long shore drift. more.


Deposition is also being managed at North Cronulla beach. Dune stabilization is being used to prevent deposited material from being eroded away. The plants hold the dunes together with their roots, fences ensure that the plants will not be trampled by pedestrians, ploy-mesh fencing holds deposited sand so that it will not be eroded away, and planked walkways also prevent sand from being eroded. After the erosion of Cronulla beaches in 1974, the University of New South Wales designed a new wall. It is made up primarily of interlocking hexagonal concrete blocks which way about a tonne each, which are called 'sea bees'. more.


This method was used because it helps to build up the beach and to minimize erosion. At Wanda