Geography: Family and Heroic Contribution Essay

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My family does so much for me, so making a heroic contribution to my family is important to me. In order to make a contribution I can help around the house. I can do the things I am responsible for; my chores, and I can do extra like offer to wash the dishes or pressure wash the cement to alleviate some of the work my parents will have to do. As well I could help by cooking dinner so when my parents get home from a long day of work they do not have to do additional work like making dinner. Since I can drive now I can also run errands such as buying groceries or giving rides to family members when they need it and when I am available. This will also help relieve some of the duties that I know my mom does not like to do. Additionally I could use the money I make from working to help contribute to the groceries so the junk food I want my parents do not have to pay for. Since I put most of that money into savings I know it will not be a lot so I will have to limit the amount of things I request my parents to buy for me. Contributing to my extended family is a little bit harder since interaction is not daily. I can offer to babysit, or help the little children in my family with their homework to improve their school marks. Also if some family is moving and need help packing or cleaning or something I could come and be of assistance. This sounds like a lot but I do not intend to do all of this in one day, this is structured to occur over an extended period of time. Since I will be