Essay on Geography: High School and economically Developed Countries

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This leaflet is about countries which are more economically developed, but there is no single way to tell a country’s the level of development because of the variety of economies, cultures and peoples. Geographers use a development indicator to compare the development of one region against another. For example:
The country’s Health: Do the population have access to medical care? What level of healthcare is available - basic or advanced? Is it free?

The country’s Industry: What type of industry dominates? LEDCs focus on primary industries, such as farming, fishing and mining. MEDCs focus on secondary industries, such as manufacturing. The most advanced countries tend to focus more on tertiary or service industries, such as banking and information technology.

The country Education: Does the population have access to education? Is it free? What level of education is available (e.g. primary, secondary or further/higher education)?

Here are the names of the country’s level of development:
MEDCs stands for More Economically Developed Countries these countries have a higher standard of living than the LEDCs which stands for Less Economically Developed Countries these countries have a lower standard of living.

The map below shows the locations of LEDCs and MEDCs. Most of the countries that are down south are less developed, while countries up north are more developed.
The North/South divide between MEDCs and LEDCs

Here are a few names of countries that are more economically developed:
New York

Here are a few names of countries that are less economically developed:
New Zealand

Some comparisons of A school in Guinea
A classroom in the UK

But in this leaflet I am going to talk about the MEDC countries, and about their healthcare, education and industries.

In MEDC countries they have better healthcare and education also industries for example
This chart shows the education, health and income in japan
C:\Users\New account\AppData\Local\Temp\chart.jpeg Japanese school system…