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Start with Main Points Look at the research and try to find a way to organize your main points (chronological, spatial, topical, problem- solution, cause-effect). You should have at least two and no more than four main points. Try to keep the wording as similar as possible in all the main points, and state them in full sentences (not in fragments). Also, devote an appropriate amount of time to each one. Next, Make Components of the Main Points with Subpoints Look at the research that fits under each main point and come up with key ideas that belong to these main points. These will be your sub points. You need at least two sub points for each main point. B. Subpoints can be in complete sentences or fragments. Support Your Subpoints with Sub-Subpoints (your facts and examples) You must have at least four sources, that will be cited in the context of your speech, in your outline, and on your Reference section at the end of your outline (look at the Hula sample outline). These sources will help you support your main points. Make sure in the body of your speech you tell us where your information came from, and/or who said it, in other words, CITE YOUR SOURCES IN YOUR SPEECH. Sources could be books, book chapters, magazine/newspaper articles, interviews with expert or knowledgeable individuals, Web sites, or any other viable Internet sources or electronic media. D. Examples you use for supporting your main points--can be personal experiences. IV. Use Connectives Throughout Your Speech (refer to the connectives handout) Know what transitions, internal previews, internal summaries, and signposts are, and when to use them. Label and include all connectives in your preparation outline. The Following is a Template and Guidelines FOR AN INFORMATIVE SPEECH PREPARATION OUTLINE MAKE CERTAIN THAT YOU LABEL EVERYTHING (All labels are in parentheses--include all labels and visual framework in your outline. You may have 2, 3, or 4 main points.). You can use the following template for your Preparation outline by typing your information into the template and replacing the explanations. This is just an example/template. You may have more or less main points, sub-points, sub-sub-points, sub-sub-sub-points. In your introduction and conclusion you will include the same number of elements. In the introduction the Attention getter is always first and the Preview is last. The order of the other elements is up to you. It may make more sense to change the order of the Relevancy statement, Credibility statement, and Reveal Topic according to your topic. Your Preparation outline will include all of the labels and all of the connectives. You will include your title Specific Purpose, and Central Idea in the spaces provided. Your preparation outline will start after the following asterisks. Delete this explanation. Title/Topic Specific Purpose This is what your main points must support or prove. Tell me in one sentence what the purpose of your speech isfor example I will inform my audience about.... Central Idea Summarize your speech/outline in one sentence. Should clearly sum up all of your main points. A declarative sentence. INTRODUCTION (Attention Getter) This could be a story or anything you know will GRAB your audiences attention. (Reveal Topic) Reveal your topic to your audiencejust your topicnot a preview. (Credibility Statement) Answer the question Why should we listen to YOU Give some type of factual information or some reference that will show that you know what you are talking about. This could be the fact that you had a class on the topic, or that you have done a lot of research, or that you have first hand experience with your topic, or you are an expert, etc. (Relevancy Statement) Tell your audience how your topic is relevant to them. (Preview) Briefly reveal your topic and state what your main points will be. Your Preview is your central