Geography: South Carolina and Myrtle Beach Essay

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1.1 Geography Assignment
Part 1:
1. Approximately 3,350 miles.
2. Approximately 1,400 miles
3. Approximately 1,430 miles.

Part 2: I live in Murrells Inlet, SC and this is a unique place. The place of Murrells Inlet has tropical temperature and can be known for lots of rainfall, as well as the opposite; dry weather. Murrells Inlet is not known for skyscrapers or tall buildings unless near the coastline hotels. Murrells Inlet is known for its seafood and outdoor activities. Murrells Inlet is in the southeastern region of the U.S. and is generally known for a country dialect as well as a warm climate. Murrells Inlet’s relative location is south of New York City and north of Miami. Murrells Inlet is also east of Los Angeles and Las Vegas. The physical system of Murrells Inlet can eventually lead to disaster because the coast of South Carolina does have a higher chance of a Hurricane strike. Also our physical system includes muddy soil because this is how this part of the county is. Murrells Inlet is also very moist, wet, and marshy. The human system of Murrells Inlet would include roads next to the beach. This also includes construction that has been going on lately to widen the road and make the Myrtle Beach area to look more metropolitan.

Myrtle Beach, SC is where you should want to live because of its place. Myrtle Beach is known for having a nice weather environment because normally Myrtle Beach does not get too hot in the summer and in the winter it does not usually get too cold, so people are not out shoveling snow