Geography: Tropical Cyclone and Ocean Currents Essay

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Michelle Mirabi
Mr. Prieto
24 November 2014

Man Made? Or Natural? Hurricanes, tornadoes, and volcanoes are all natural disasters. We can not fit global warming into that category. We only have us to blame. The North Atlantic Current is what is responsible for the warm temperatures in the Northern Hemisphere. Dangerous and constant thunderstorms could result in flooding. Global warming has many negative affects on the Earth. In this paper I will be talking about the North Atlantic Ocean Current, dangerous thunderstorms and precipitation, and raising temperatures in our Earth.

There are a number of ocean currents found around the Earth. These currents are caused by differences in temperature, differences in salinity, and by wind. In the movie, The Day After Tomorrow, the North Atlantic Ocean current stopped flowing due to the amount of fresh water being poured into it from the polar ice caps above. Since this current stopped flowing, all of Canada and the northern states of America froze over into an ice age. However, in real life, the ice caps are melting, but not at a rate as close as portrayed in the movie. Lets pretend for a second that the Ice Caps were melting as fast as they did in the movie, there is a very slim chance that it would throw off a ocean current. Ocean currents also affect the weather, if the North Atlantic Current was to bring in a lot of warm water, the coastal provinces of Canada would have warmer temperatures than they are use too. Our ocean currents are a fragile systems, slight changes in the temperature could negatively effect areas around the currents.

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Our storms seem to be getting more aggressive and lasting much longer. Constant precipitation and violent thunderstorms do not have a positive affect on our environment. When it rains for a long period of time, lakes flood, crops get over-watered, erosion occurs. The list goes on and on. In the movie, a heavy and violent thunderstorm caused flooding; it then led to a tsunami. The water from the tsunami freezes over and turns into snow. In real life, storms are getting a hundred times worse and they cause much more damage then before. Buffalo this past week got hit with two meters of snowfall, shortly following the heavy snowfall, they got lots of rain.

Greenhouse gases and burning of fossil fuels can result in a serious climate change. Weather all around the world has been getting abnormally warmer than past years, many