Geography: World War Ii and Winston Leonard Spencer-churchill Essay example

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Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill was born on October 26, 1874 into a noble family. He was destined for a life of politics. From 1895 to 1900 and later from 1902 to 1924 Churchill was a part of England’s military, where he was a lieutenant. In 1911, Churchill became First Lord of Admiralty. While serving in this position, he put a strong emphasis on modernization and was also in favor of using airplanes in combat. He launched a program to replace coal power with oil power. In his time with the military form 1902 to 1924, Churchill helped develop tanks for England. These tanks did not see battle until a decade after they were made in 1914. Churchill’s time in the army was ultimately unsuccessful, as he rarely saw victory. In his defense, many of his losses bought time for others and helped win many other battles. Churchill had a very small part in World War I, but was a much bigger player in World War II. Churchill was one of the leading speakers that opposed reaming Germany after World War I. Churchill stressed the importance of a military presence in England. Leading up to World War II, Churchill strongly opposed giving Germany any freedom with resupplying their military forces, and stressed that England needed to increase their military. When the war started, many Englishmen talked about the evil of the German forces, but Churchill talk only about victory. When the Germans started to heavily attack England, Churchill’s inspirational speeches kept the English troops going. He was instrumental in bringing the United States into World War II, which ultimately saved the allies from defeat, and won them the war.