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This report aims to provide strategic geotechnical advice to the South Devon Development for the development of dams, road improvements and management of hazards as well as existing costal protection structures. Though, it is worth noting that this report is based on a preliminary evaluation over a period of four days. Therefore it will be essential to carry out further investigations.
Dartmoor heavily relies upon its dams as a source of drinking water. As the towns in the surrounding lowlands grow, it will be essential to construct new reservoirs and dams. One of the possible locations for a dam would be east of Devonport Leat. A gravity dam of height 100 to 150m will be ideal for this location. Granite will be extensively used on the dam mostly as masonry blocks on the dam face, granite is readily available and will also make the gravity construction sound. However, before the construction can begin a lot of on-site investigations will need to performed. These will be required to determine a number of factors such as the condition of granite beneath surface level.
As population and tourist numbers rise it is essential to maintain and further improve roads. The materials required for these improvements would be readily available from places such as ‘Glendinning' a quarry in Ashburton. They provide a range of materials which are all quality assured. It is also local and therefore there will be minimal cost to transport these materials.
The biggest natural hazard at Oddicombe bay is the collapsed sandstone cliff. To prevent further wave erosion, it is essential to develop and construct additional sea defences. These should not only be able prevent wave erosion, but should also be visually appealing to maintain high tourist levels. Furthermore, there should be inspections performed annually to ensure new hazards don't occur.
There are various types of sea defences already present at Dawlish Warren. The most effective is the newly built sea wall which works together with the rip rap. Even though these were the most expensive, their construction is justified as they will not require a lot of maintenance. Other defences such as the groynes and gabion baskets are quite old and will need