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George Best was born on May 22, 1946 in Belfast, Ireland. He was an amazing football player for Manchester United in the Football League First Division, and was very successful. In 1968 he won a European World Cup Medal and was then named the European Footballer of the Year. Even though George Best was an amazing player, his brief career ended in the year of 1974 whne he was twenty eight years old and fired from the prestigous team Manchester United. Determined to make a come back into the world he tried to join smaller teams in England, the USA, and Ireland. He played for the Los Angeles Aztecs, the San Jose Earthquakes, and the Fort Lauderdale Strikers in the USA. When in England and Ireland he played for Fulham and other minor clubs. Unfrotunatly his attempts all led to failure. Soon he was demorilized and gave up. Under preassure he turned to drinking. In 1983 he was still down near the bottom in the world of football and in that year he palyed his last season. He soon tried virtually every cure for his alcoholism from stomach implants, to the lonely days of self-imprisonment. In 1984 his drinking got the best of him and he was arrested. He was charged for drunken driving and assaulting an officer of the law, he was then jailed. Even after his liver was ruined and he was given another man's organ, the alcohol still ran his life. A year before his death he was again convicted of drinking and driving. He was married twice, and divorced twice. This and his son not being with him most of the time threw him into tough times and alcohol. He had an amazing record and played