George Gershwin Summertime Analysis

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I have never sat down and listened to classical style music for fun but after listening to George Gershwin’s Summertime from “Porgy and Bess” I will be definitely giving myself more time to listen to classical. In Summertime when you close your eyes it brings you to a time where anything could happen almost to fairytale, and has a calming effect. The following will help provide knowledge as to how Gershwin does this in a musical analysis. Why Gershwin made music in biographical way and how history effected his art.
Firstly, let us get to know George Gershwin as a child. As a child George Gershwin was the eldest middle brother of four, born on September 26th ,1898. George was born to Russian immigrants in Brooklyn New York. He always
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Gershwin as an adult was a big partier and was a bit of a playboy. One of his famed quotes George Gershwin “Why should I limit myself to only one woman when I can have as many women as I want?” so clearly he never married. Though George was known for his remarkable music he had a hobby of painting and was actual very good at it. He also collected paintings from some of the greats and is now worth a pretty penny. George and his brother Ira often collaborated with his brother Ira making many musical pieces that were very popular. They actually won the Pulitzer Prize called Of Thee I Sing which is very impressive since it was the first musical comedy. George was inducted into the songwriter’s hall of fame in …show more content…
He used his music to help people escape reality. I really enjoy listening to Summertime and I am sure you will to.

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