George H. W. Bush And His End Of The Cold War

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He End of the Cold War- June 13, 1990 Demolition of the Berlin wall signified the unification of the entire continent of Europe that was divided by the iron curtain. July 1, 1990 East and West reunite. 1991 Satellite nations of the USSR become independent.

George H. W. Bush- Became the 41st President and served from 1988-1992 and was a conservative Republican from Massachusetts. During his time in office he sent troops into Kuwait in Operation Desert Storm.

Norman Schwarzkopf- Commander of the U.N. troops in the Gulf War, planned Operation Desert Storm.

Operation Desert Storm- U.S protects Saudi Arabia and Kuwait from Iraq troops, which are both oil-rich lands essential to the economy. January 16, 1991 the United States invaded Kuwait to get rid of the Iraqi troops. The Operation was ordered by Chief Bush and carried out by General Schwarzkopf.

Bill Clinton- 42nd president of the United States. In office the economy was doing well and he also created more and more jobs for the public. Clinton was impeached but not removed from office because of a scandal involving a secretary in the white house. As he left the office he left with one of the highest approval ratings of any President.

Election of 1992- George Bush runs against Bill Clinton, who was favored to win.

Newt Gingrich- He was the 58th speaker of the house of representatives. He proposed Contract with America.

Welfare Reform- August of 1996 Bill Clinton signs the personal responsibilities and work opportunity act. Added a work component to welfare legislation. Encouraged employment to the poor.

Election of 1996- Incumbent President Bill Clinton and his vice president Al Gore were elected for another term in office. Republican Senator Bob Dole