Essay George Newman Week 2 Cellphones In The Classroom

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Cellphones in the Classroom
George Newman
ENG 215
April 27, 2015
Lanny A. Kope, EdD

Cellphones in the Classroom
Although students have been using cell phones consistently in their daily lives for almost a decade, many schools continue to resist allowing the devices into the classroom. Schools generally come to grips with new technologies, but the reputation of the cellphone as a nuisance and a distraction in the classroom has been hard to dislodge. Many teachers, administrators, and parents agonize over the choice of allowing cellphones in the classroom or not.
There are continual issues that must be addressed regarding allowing the use of cellphones in the classroom. Texting, cheating, disruption of students and teachers, theft or loss of expensive devices, and engaging in social media during class time, to name a few. Also ensuring that all students have a top of the line phone with app capabilities is not feasible.
Cellphones should be prohibited from use in classrooms because they pose a significant disruption in the educational process. Cellphones provide students with a constant connection to friends, family, and social media. This connection can be very distracting to the classroom. Students receiving and sending texts, watching videos, listening to music, or spending most of their class time on social media can cause major interference in the learning of students and the teacher’s ability to teach. Cellphones also aid considerably in the ease of cheating, students have access to every answer possible through their cellphones. Then there is they added responsibility for the school and classroom teacher to try and ensure that the devices are safe from possible theft or loss. Another large problem is the fact that not all students can afford a cell phone, this in turn can make them a target for ridicule by other students.
By keeping cellphone out of the classroom, students will remain more focused on their study materials. Students and teachers will experience fewer distractions in the classroom. The teacher's ability to teach will not be hindered by the