George Orwell's 'Animal Farm'

Words: 466
Pages: 2

Reading Check #1

Summary Analysis
- The owner of the Manor Farm, Mr. Jones, head to sleep after drinking (as he normally does) as the animals wait quietly.
- As soon as the farm animals notice that the owner is asleep, they all assemble in the field getting ready for a huge meeting that they had been talking about that day.
- Old Major, a pig, called the meeting with the barn animals to share his speech about the dream he had the night before.
The animals arrive and assemble in order:
- the three dogs, Jessie, Bluebell, and Pincher
- the pigs
- the hens, pigeons, sheep, and cows
- the two horses, Boxer (huge) and Clover (mother-like)
- the goat, Muriel
- the donkey, Benjamin
- the white horse, Mollie (vain)
- the cats and dogs
- only the raven, Moses, does not attend as he is sleeping

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Jones who fires shots, so the animals disperse into the homes becoming quiet again - Mr. Jones constant drinking and carelessness represents the Russian Tsar being overthrown during the Russian Revolution
- Old Major represents the ideas and actions of Russian leader, Karl Marx. He is the creative and inventive animal in the group. He is wise and shares his ideas of a utopian society. The utopian society of animals being rid of their oppressors, the humans, draws a parallel to communism, in which all citizens have equal power (no leader).
- When Old Major shares his dreams in hopes of a revolution, it is compared to Marx and his book The Communist Manifesto as the visionaries use different methods to embed their ideas into the minds of the