George S Patton Characteristics

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Davan Collins Mr. Thompson General George S. Patton was one of the most complicated and most influential men of World War II. Many know him for carrying pistols with ivory handles while having an intemperate manner and others know him as one of the most successful American field commanders of war. He continually put his troops through rigorous training to get them to the highest strain of excellence possible. In Patton’s early years, he looked up to his ancestors who were involved in the Civil War, Revolutionary War, and Mexican War, after hearing their brave war stories. He knew as he grew older that he wanted to be a hero. Patton grew up with dyslexia. He didn’t learn to read or write until he was 11.His family thought he couldn’t be as great in the military as the rest of his family because they thought he had a learning disability. Some characteristics he acquired from dyslexia were his frustration, anger and single minded …show more content…
Patton was appointed to the 15th cavalry at Fort Sheridan in Illinois. His reputation of being a hard driven leader especially impressed his superiors. His superiors considered him the perfect candidate for the first pentathlon in the 1912 Stockholm Olympics because of his experience in fencing and running at West Point. Although he made a major mistake in the rifle portion of the games, he still placed 5th out of 46. After the Olympics, Patton went to France to learn additional fencing skills from the Master of Arms, Adjutant M. Clery. Once Patton returned to Fort Myer, he designed and made a new sword to support his new design of the saber combat doctrine of the U.S. cavalry. His sword was technically named Model 1913 Cavalry Saber but was commonly known as the “Patton Sword”. He studied more about sword techniques and later became the first U.S. Army Officer to be known as the “Master of the Sword”. He then began teaching fencing to cavalry officers and even some officers senior to his