George Soros

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George Soros: An Economic Phenomenon
Caroline Kelly
University Of Alabama

George Soros
George Soros is a highly controversial man depending on whom you are talking to. Some people give him a negative connotation and others a positive. The negative outlook is that he is an extremely wealthy man who uses his money in the wrong way. The positive outlook on George is that he gives back to those who are less fortunate. He is influencing the economy in many ways including currency manipulation, Democratic Party donations and establishing the Open Society Foundations.
George Soros is actually not even from America he is from Hungary, which is why it is so strange to me that he has such an influential impact on the US. He was born and raised in the period of time where there was a lot of history being made. Many challenges were happening all over the world, including the conflict of communism and fascism. In 1967 after figuring out his true passion, investing and trading, Soros started an offshore investment fund and then in 1973 began a private investment firm. George founded the Open Society Institute in 1993, which later on became his most profound work. He funds and donates money to many different societies around the world with all different causes. Soros has around $14 billion dollars and is currently still alive.
Soros did something that the British cannot forget. He as many people say “Broke the bank of England”. He was among the individuals in England back in 1992 when the government had to implement high interest rates so they could become a part of the ERM. Soros failed to comply,”…dumping 10 billion sterling, forcing the devaluation of the currency and gaining a billion-dollar profit”. He clearly won the battle and plummeted the bank of England. The British people have a special day every year, the day George Soros broke their bank, that they recognize. It is on their calendar so they cannot forget who ruined their currency.
If you are a Liberal then you are most likely on Soros side in the universe. He is a very strong Liberal and evidently is not afraid to show the world. He strongly disliked President W. Bush and apparently is a fan of President Barack Obama. Back in 2004 when the election was going on Soros stated that it was the “central focus of my life” to get Bush out of office. He has been a supporter of any and every democratic issue in the past decade. He has been “using Open Society as a conduit, Soros has given over $7 billion to a slew of leftwing groups”. In another article I read it stated many of the reasons for the immense hatred that George Soros has for George W. Bush. Soros literally feared Bush. “…Soros isn't moderating his criticism. He goes so far as to claim that Bush is cynically exploiting the 9/11 tragedy to implement a "supremacist ideology" aiming for U.S. world domination” according to John K. Carlisle. In my opinion Bush was a spectacular leader but to Soros, “America, under Bush, is a danger to the world”. Many people across the world recognize Soros by his Open Society Institute.