George Wallace's Speech In Overcoming Segregation

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During the 1960s, George Wallace announced his famous saying, “Segregation today Segregation tomorrow, segregation forever”(Book 2 pg 125) This infamous saying became an awakening in the African Americans community. It was clear to them that all the mistreatment and discrimination would never come to an end, something had to be done. George Wallace’s speech was the breaking point, It sparked a lot of marches. In the graphic novel of March by John Lewis and Andrew Aydin books 1 and 2, John Lewis demonstrated his leadership by participating in sit ins, stand ins, and the march on Washington, which were all nonviolent. Throughout this George demonstrates that it is possible to accomplish peace throughout the nations and overcome segregation. …show more content…
In the book march by John Lewis and Andrew Aydin says, “ Truth be told we couldn’t even see the front.” (Book 2 Pg 161) thats how much people were there that day. John lewis was going to say his speech that day. John Lewis has spent so much in making his speech perfect. This speech was for everyone to have equality in jobs and in rights. In John Lewis's speech he talks about how their are some African American not getting sufficient money but are working for twelve hours a day. He says in his speech, “However. Unless Title III is put in this bill, there is nothing to protect the young children and old women who must face police dogs and fire hoses in the South while they engage in peaceful demonstrations” (Book 2 Pg 167) he was talking about how all those children and women faced all that violence while they were marching and doing no harm to no one. At the end of John Lewis Speech he says, “ We must say wake up America! Wake up! For we cannot stop, and we will not and cannot be patient” (Book 2 Pg 171) This really stood out to me the most because not only did this awaken a lot of people but it was time that they all opened their eyes and see the damage they had caused to all the innocent people just like them. They have waited and suffered for too long it was time for them to actually have the same rights as the white people