George Washington

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George Washington was born on February 22, 1732. His parents were Augustine and Mary Ball Washington. As Mary Ball Washington was Augustine’s second wife, George had two half brothers. One of them – Lawrence, became a substitution of his father when Augustine Washington died in 1943. Lawrence’s home – Mount Vernon became George’s real home after his father’s death. Young George did not get proper formal education and had to grow up very quickly as he had to occupy his brother’s place in the Army and inherit Mount Vernon. By 1754 George Washington was already a lieutenant colonel and everything he went through while being an aide to General Edward Braddock turned him into the commander of Virginia's entire military force. After this, in 1759 George married a beautiful widow Martha Dandridge Custis and started a happy life with her and her two children. George Washington was in love with his wife, his heart was constantly worrying for everything happening to the country and it was very hard for him to stand away from the most prominent events. In 1775 he visits the Second Continental Congress assembled in Philadelphia and becomes the Commander in Chief of the Continental Army.
During this period George Washington had both - victories and defeats while fighting the French. It was a very hard type for the troops did not have enough supply and the battles very dangerous. Even though Washington, in spite of him being on of the best commanders, did not have enough experience to fight and those were the moments when he turned on his improvisational-powers. He always showed his soldiers the courage to keep doing ahead no matter what and did not consider retreating a crime if it saved priceless lives of healthy soldiers. He was the one who defended Boston and New York City, showing American strength to the British Army.